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Clear Skin Max is an acne fighting system consisting of six steps; when all of the products are used together, the system can be effectively used to banish issues with acne for good.  This system helps in alleviating skin impurities, and each stage works on defending against a different cause of acne eruptions.  The product purifies, cleanses, and clears up unwanted skin conditions permanently instead of dealing with periodic acne eruptions.

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Product Description:

When you invest in Clear Skin Max, you get a Tea Tree Oil/Cleansing Gel that you have to use two times a day: once during your morning skin care regimen, and once before going to bed.

You also get a Skin Softener & Melanin Expel Essence that can be used before as well as after you apply the included Vanisher Face Mask: the mask is applied once weekly.

With the system, you also get pore astringent lotion, an acne emergency treatment, and Tava Acne-Fighting Tea.

Active Ingredients:

The Clear Skin Max Tea Tree Oil gel’s main ingredient is melaleuca alternifolia with germicidal, antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

The gel product also contains Bladderwrack Extract to help in making the skin more elastic, and chamomile extract.  The Expel Essence contains Algae Extract and Vitamin B3.

The Acne Vanisher contains the active ingredient Allantoin.  The Astringent Lotion also contains Allantoin, along with Witch Hazel.

The Acne Emergency Treatment contains Squalane Oil, Allantoin, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E.  The Tava Acne fighting tea contains peppermint, licorice root, and wild chrysanthemum.

What I Like About This Product/Company:

  • You will see fast results using Clear Skin Max: in as little as five day’s time, you will note clearer skin conditions.
  • The six-step system helps to treat acne conditions both internally and externally, giving you the best type of defense against the condition.  While it may take a few days to get use to the different steps you have to take, the system proves most beneficial if you follow through with the regimen as instructed on the product’s packaging.
  • The product is made from natural and organic ingredients. It has been tested for allergens and is suitable for all skin types.
  • You can order the system at no risk to you since it comes with a 180-day money back option.

What I Don’t Like About This Product/Company:

Roduve Healthcare is the company offering Clear Skin Max.  While they offer an online electronic submission form so you can contact them with concerns or questions, there is no toll free phone number so that you can contact them.  You can contact them by regular mail but the company is located in the Netherlands, so it can prove timely to get a response through regular mail options.


Clear Skin Max is a great acne fighting product. When it comes to buying Clear Skin Max, one-month packages, two-month packages, or three-month packages are available.  The largest package is offered with free product shipping and free Tava Tea.  There is also a six-month package that comes with six boxes of Tava tea, and free shipping.  The different packages allow any consumer to buy the product through easy, affordable options, but bulk buying offers the best savings.

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