There are many different causes cited for acne outbreaks in adults as well as teens, and among the numerous causes listed as inciters of the condition are foods that cause acne.  In the US, acne is one of the most common skin ailments.  Up to 85% of all people get acne at one time or another; 40 to 50 million teens and adults suffer from the condition.  Interestingly, people spend more than $2.2 billion a year in treatment options when, often times, simply avoiding foods that cause acne can prove an easy solution.

Food Allergies and Acne
If you are allergic to certain foods, it will not necessarily cause acne eruptions on your face and body, but it can aggravate mild to severe acne conditions or it can trigger one or more acne outbreaks.  When you are allergic to something and you are exposed to the allergen, your body’s immune system responds via inflammatory responses.  The additional inflammation is what can aggravate or trigger inflamed acne on your face and/or body.

The big problem with food allergies is that you may not even realize you have an allergy to a particular food: often times, the allergic response to the food you ingest is minor or unnoticeable.  The key then, to solving acne caused by food allergens is by finding out if you are allergic to certain food selections.  You can do this by noting any kind of skin reaction following the consumption of specific foods, or you can see an immunologist or dermatologist who can test you for food allergen responses through the use of the ELISA Food Allergy Panel test.  The latter test will examine your body’s natural responses to more than 100 different food selections.  Once you have identified foods that trigger allergic responses in your body, you can take steps to avoid them.

Dairy products are definitely another food that should be avoided if you are looking to get acne conditions under control.  First of all, dairy products are loaded with hormones that can directly influence the natural hormonal balance in your body.  Glands in your skin contain specific enzymes that convert the hormones in cow’s milk into dihydrotestosterone.  The latter conversion results in an increase in the amount of sebum that your skin produces.  Excessive sebum production has been cited as one of the main causes for acne outbreaks because the sebum clogs skin pores, thereby allowing for acne formations to develop.  When hormonal imbalances occur, you are more likely to experience an acne eruption.  You should avoid foods like ice cream, cheeses, and milk, not only because they are high in hormones, but also because they are high in fat content too.

High Glycemic Foods
Foods that with a high glycemic index are just as bad as foods high in carbohydrates or rich in saturated fats when it comes to acne triggers.  Partially skimmed milk, cheeses, breakfast drinks, and chocolates are commonly cited as culprits for the cause of unsightly acne formations.  In fact, foods with a high glycemic index have been found to increase blood glucose levels and insulin resistance in the body.  Interestingly, studies have revealed that foods containing low carbs and a low glycemic index can actually help in improving existing acne conditions too.  If you want to avoid foods that cause acne, you will want to refrain from eating foods with a glycemic index of 70 or greater; this includes rice cakes, parsnips, wafer biscuits, baguettes, doughnuts, pasta, rice, waffles, chips, potatoes, corn chips, cornflakes, puffed wheat, pretzels, jelly beans, white bread, and other products made of white processed flour.

Oils and Fats
Fats and oils are considered a major contributor in acne outbreaks as well since some fats lend to the onset of oily skin conditions.  Food selections containing saturated fats are not recommended for individuals suffering from acne related skin issues.  You should avoid things like whipped cream, sausage, pate, bratwurst, and other processed meats, seeds, nuts, sesame seeds, pine nuts, watermelon seeds, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, Roquefort cheese, Parmesan cheese, Monterey cheese, Muenster cheese, gruyere cheese, Gjestost cheese, Cheddar cheese, salmon oil, sardine oils, herring oil, Menhaden oil, and Cod Liver oil.  Cocoa powder, often found in dark chocolate, can contain as much as 25% saturated fats.

You should also avoid all types of animal fat, butter, dried coconut, and hydrogenated oils too.  Meanwhile, you need to avoid foods high in trans fats when you are developing your acne control regimen.  Foods that cause acne that are high in trans fats includes spreads, cakes, canned soups, deep fried foods, French fries, and foods cooked in partially hydrogenated oils.  Bear in mind that not all oils and fats are considered unhealthy.  Fish products like albacore tuna, mackerel, and salmon contain Omega 3 fatty acids that are actually good for your skin, and some oil selections, like virgin olive oil, act as a natural anti-inflammatory as well.

Sugary Foods
Foods that cause acne include food selections high in sugar content.  The consumption of sugar containing foods directly influences blood sugar levels, which can contribute to inflammatory conditions as well as inflamed acne eruptions.  Even foods that seem healthy can have a baneful influence on glucose levels in the blood.  You need to refrain from consuming cereal products with a high sugar content, candy bars, candy, cookies, pastries, desserts containing high fructose corn syrup, ice cream products, Jell-O containing sugar products,  mangos, grapes, persimmons, figs, bananas, and dates.  Most of all, you will want to do away with white sugar.

Caffeinated Foods
Caffeinated foods can influence your sleep cycle, and they can also influence blood circulation since caffeinated food consumption contributes to blood vessel restriction.  Caffeine can even increase the amount you perspire, and excessive sweating has been noted to cause acne eruptions in some individuals.  When battling acne conditions and looking to create your list of foods that cause acne that you should avoid, refrain from consuming foods and beverages high in caffeine including colas, teas, coffees, energy drinks, products containing cocoa, candy made with semisweet chocolate, and alcoholic beverage mixes.  In fact, you should do away with the consumption of Alcoholic beverages entirely, since they also influence your sleep cycle and can hinder your ability or desire to avoid acne causing food sources.

Refined and Processed Foods
Processed foods and refined foods are definitely among the foods that cause acne.  You need to avoid any and all foods made with processed white flour.  When flour has been processed, it has been stripped of its healthy ingredients, including germ and bran.  The flour is then colored with alloxan, a chemical that works as a bleaching agent.  White processed flour, just like sugar containing products, influences glucose levels in the blood, which can lend to inflammatory conditions and acne outbreaks.  Refrain from consuming products like pies, pasta, pancakes, cakes, and white bread. Read more Healthy Acne Diet Plan ……

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