Iqqu Acne Serum can be used for dealing with mild or moderate acne and the skin reddening that accompanies the condition.  This product helps in hydrating your skin, in the reduction of acne eruptions, and works as a detoxifier.  Through the use of Iqqu Acne Serum, you get brighter looking skin and your skin becomes revitalized as well as refreshed.

Product Description:

Iqqu Acne Serum is a product created by June Laboratories. The product’s label reads “IQQU Acne Serum.”  This treatment for acne related conditions will only deal with external acne issues and the product cannot be used internally.  If you order in bulk you might get reduced shipping charges.

Active Ingredients:

The active ingredients in the Acne Serum includes Ubiquione, Carnitine, Lecithin, and Water.   The product contains antioxidants so that acne causing free radicals can be destroyed.  This product also contains enzymes that also reduce the oily appearance of one’s complexion.  Additional ingredients include all of the following Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil, Sorbitol-Yeast extract, Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate, Retinol, Propylene-Glycol,  Phenoxyethanol, Oligo peptide, Micro Collagen, Lycopene, Laureth-7, Glycerin, Ethylhexyglycerin, Diacetyl-Bodine, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, C13-14 Isoparaffin,  Bisabolol,  Aqua, Sodium Polyacrylate, and Aloe Vera extract.

What I Like About This Product:

  • The Iquu Acne Serum is very reasonably priced ($26.99).  You only need a tiny pearl sized  drop to use the product, so the supply is long lasting.
  • Iquu is never tested on animals.
  • The company presents hundreds of customer reviews on the site so that you can examine product feedback for yourself.
  • The company accepts a variety of payment options making it easy for anyone to order Iqqu Acne Serum, and they offer fast, expedient, methods of customer service. If you place an order over forty dollars you can get a discount on product shipping.

What I Don’t Like About This Product:

  • Iquu doesn’t help clearing up my existing acne or my acne scars. It doesn’t hydrate at all like it says on the packaging. It actually dried my face out even after I put my moisturizer. And I continue to break out after using this product.
  • The company doesn’t make its ingredients clearly visible on the website.  Some of the ingredients are harmful if swallowed, and contacting poison control in such an instance is required.


Iquu acne serum is a nice product. It smells great, but it definitely does not work enough to justify the price. It did moderately help keep my acne at bay, but like I said it wasn’t a wow product.

If you are looking for a spot treatment or an external application to deal with acne, then Iqqu Acne Serum is good.  It is affordable and easy to order.  However, the Iqqu Acne Serum product does nothing to deal with acne on an internal level, and therefore cannot deal with every suspected cause of acne eruptions.  What’s more, this product has some ingredients that can cash skin sensitivity issues is some users; if this happens you will have to stop using the product and try another.


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