Are you one of many people seeking a natural acne treatment?  Many people desire holistic alternatives instead of over the counter acne treatment or prescribed acne treatments.  There are many natural treatment for acne.  You can even use some holistic treatments along with over the counter or prescribed options.  In fact, you are bound to have greater success in dealing with outbreaks, if you use several acne treatment methods simultaneously.

Natural Acne Treatment Considerations
There are a few things you should know about natural acne treatment options before you use them, especially if the treatment involves the use of one or more herbal solutions.  First, when using holistic herbal solutions to deal with acne, you will be engaging in a process of trial and error.  Some herbal solutions work for some people and might not work for others.  You need to monitor your body’s reaction when using herbal solutions too; if you note any symptoms indicating an allergic response, then you will need to stop using the remedy immediately.

It is always best to do your homework before using any natural acne treatment involving herb use.  You will need to learn about potential side effects and interactions, before using a natural supplement for acne defense.  Meanwhile, pregnant and nursing women would be wise to refrain from using any natural acne treatment involving herb use; many herbs have not been sufficiently studied to determine its effects on a nursing child or an unborn fetus.

Best Natural Acne Treatment Methods
What you eat and drink directly influences how your skin looks.  If you have chronic acne eruptions and you are seeking a natural acne treatment, it is time to take a long, hard look at what you have been drinking and eating.  Now, do not fall for the common misconception that certain foods can cause acne to occur.  Foods like chocolate or French fries do not necessarily cause your skin to break out in unsightly pimples.  However, there is a link between high gylcemic diets, high carb diets, and the general severity of acne outbreaks.

Certain foods and beverages can definitely make acne conditions worse or they can prolong your skin condition.  You should limit your consumption of white sugars, sugar filled foods, colas, white bread, and foods made with processed flour.  Even foods that are high in hormone content are suspect; limit the amount of cheese, milk, and dairy products you eat if you are trying to deal with acne.  It is also recommended that you limit your intake of saturated fats and trans fats derived from foods like margarine, processed oils, and butter.

Instead of drinking caffeinated beverages like teas, coffees, and colas, why not replace these beverages with plenty of water?  Water helps hydrate your skin while it helps your body rid itself of toxins too.  If you have been drinking alcohol, you should limit the amount of this kind of beverage as well.  Alcohol can have an influence on blood sugar levels in the body that leads to an increase in insulin production.  There has been a link found between insulin resistance and acne outbreaks, so it is wise to limit the amount of alcohol you consume.

Getting plenty of Zinc in your diet is also important to ensure good health and to anyone looking to diminish acne eruptions.  You can take a Zinc supplement or add or food sources to your diet containing Zinc like peanuts, pork, or legumes.  This mineral helps reduce acne inflammation.  If you couple Zinc supplements with prescribed antibiotics, the mineral may reduce the effectiveness of the antibiotics you are using.

Detoxing the body is an internal method for dealing with acne outbreaks.  There are several different detox programs that you can use to help your body get rid of undesirable acne triggering toxins.  The basic principle behind detoxing your body is that as you free your body of accumulated toxins derived from caffeine, sugars, and processed foods, you improve your health in general.  As your health improves, your skin will reflect the healthier condition of your body by reducing the number of acne outbreaks you experience.  You can choose from a detox diet, supplement, tea, and some people detox the body through a “fasting” process, but it is always recommended that you consult with your physician before doing so.

More All Natural Acne Treatment Alternatives
Green Tea is extremely healthy for the body; this beverage contains a lot of antioxidants that can help in improving the health of your entire body.  Antioxidants can destroy cancer causing free radicals in the body, and some studies suggest that antioxidants help to reduce the natural signs of the body’s aging process.  Additional studies suggest that by applying green tea directly to acne-affected areas that the tea can serve as a successful natural acne treatment.

You can make a skin toner out of green tea by brewing a tablespoon of the tea in a hot cup of water.  After allowing the mixture to sit for fifteen minutes, you can strain the concoction.  Allow the green tea to cool until it is lukewarm.  You can use cotton ball to dab the mixture onto your acne outbreaks two to three times every day until your condition improves.

Tea tree oil has also been used as a successful natural treatment for acne.  In fact, this treatment has been compared to products containing Benzoyl peroxide, and it has been found to work equally well.  If you plan to use tea tree oil for treating your outbreaks, you will have to use the product for an extended period of time to see the desired results.  Tea tree oil is effective in destroying acne-causing bacteria, and you can find it as an ingredient in lotions, toners, soaps, and cleansers.  Tea tree oil diminishes inflammation and swelling.  You can dab it directly onto acne-affected areas, but the treatment should not be used on open wounds.

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